Distributing Accommodation Letters

Students need to make a request with Disability Services and Programs (DSP) for each academic term that accommodations are desired. Upon approval, accommodation letters listing DSP recommendations can be printed from our online system.

Students requesting test-related accommodations will need to share and discuss their DSP recommended accommodation letter/s with their faculty and/or appropriate departmental contact person at least three weeks before the date the accommodations will be needed. Additional time may be needed for final exams. Reasonable exceptions will be considered during the first three weeks of the semester as well as for temporary injuries and for students recently diagnosed. Please note that a reasonable period of time is still required for DSP to review documentation and to make a determination whether a requested accommodation will be appropriate.

Providing sign language interpreters or real-time captionist accommodations may take longer than three weeks to set up and students should contact Katherine Neuenschwander immediately at kneuen@usc.edu or 213-740 0776 to request consideration of these accommodations. For all other accommodation questions please contact a counselor at 213-740-8205 or ability@usc.edu.

Accommodation letters need to be shared as follows:

  1. Students taking Law courses should not share or discuss accommodations with Law school professors because of grading policies. Accommodation letters need to instead be shared with the Law School Student Affairs and Academic Support office.
    1. Kyle Jones
      Director of Registration & Records
      Building: LAW 104
      The Law School, Mail Code: 0074
      Telephone: (213) 740-6314
      Email: kwjones@law.usc.edu
  2. Students taking courses within Mathematics (MATH) will need to share and discuss accommodation letters with the professor. For testing needs, a letter will also need to be given to Arnold Deal.
    1. Deal, Arnold C.
      Student Services Assistant
      Building: KAP 108
      Mathematics, Mail Code 2532
      Telephone: (213) 740-2400
      Fax: (213) 740-2424
      Email: deal@math.usc.edu
  3. Students taking courses within Pharmacy, will need to share and discuss accommodation letters with Jim Granderson, Director of Admission & Student Affairs.
    1. Professional Program
      School of Pharmacy
      Health Sciences Campus
      PSC 206A
      Telephone: (323) 442-1466
      Fax: (323) 442-2487
      Email: granders@usc.edu
  4. For all other courses, including Distance Learning courses, students will need to share their accommodation letters with their professors unless otherwise indicated by the professor and/or respective academic department.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Disability Services and Programs by emailing ability@usc.edu and/or phoning 213-740-8205 to speak with a DSP representative.

Please notify DSP immediately should there be any additions and/or corrections to this list.