Accommodation Letters


In order to access your approved accommodations, and generate accommodation letters to provide to your faculty, please follow the 9 steps listed below completely.

How to Generate Accommodation Letters

1.Once you log into myDSP (USC NetID and password), select “My Dashboard” from your myDSP home screen, located on the left-hand side.

2.  You will see a list of your classes for this semester. Select the classes for which you would like to use/assign (“request”) your approved accommodations.

3.  Click “Continue to Customize Your Accommodations.”

4.   Select which accommodations you would like to use for each class (you do not need to select all of them). Please note: these are accommodations that have been reviewed and approved through DSP.

5.  Click “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.

6.  After you click submit, you will see a notice that says “System Update Is Successful.”

7.  When you see the “Printing Faculty Notification Letter in PDF” it means a PDF version of your accommodation letters will be available for you to print for classes that have an “Approved” Request Status (see next step).

8.  If you scroll down, you will see the “Request Status” for each class. Please note: Some accommodations require approval by a DSP Specialist each semester and will list as “Processing” until approved.

9.   You will be able to save the letters directly to your computer in order to print out and bring to your instructors when you meet with them.

We are very excited to launch MyDSP, which will provide you more direct access to your accommodation information and other DSP resources.  Please feel free to visit us or contact us if you have any questions.  (location: GFS 120 / call: 213-740-0776)

*NOTE* At this time, please only use the system to register (new students) or print your letters (returning students) as we are still putting finishing touches on a few remaining parts of the system.   As soon as MyDSP is fully launched we will provide you with an email update and instructions for how to make full use of the system.
*NOTE* Please do not access the old DSP database as it is no longer in use.