The following information must be provided. The report must be typed, signed by a qualified professional, and submitted on official letterhead. Professionals providing documentation must include information concerning their credentials.

  1. Documentation must be current, and the date of the most recent assessment must be stated. If the condition involves progressive loss, updated documentation may be necessary, as new accommodations become needed.
  2. The report must include a specific diagnosis of blindness or a low vision disability. Provide a summary of assessment procedures and scores used to make the diagnosis.
  3. Provide a statement of present visual functioning and whether the visual deficits are progressive or stable.
  4. State how the visual deficits substantially limit the student’s functioning in a college/university setting.
  5. Based on the information provided, offer specific suggestions for accommodations and a detailed explanation as to why each accommodation is needed.
  6. The results of other appropriate assessment measures to identify co-existing disorders should be provided.

*Parents are not appropriate evaluators, even if they are otherwise qualified.