Autism Spectrum Disorder

Students who have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder have diverse profiles and needs. For this reason, students on the spectrum are asked to provide documentation that supports their requested accommodations. While confirmation of the diagnosis is important, USC’s focus in seeking documentation is on the impact of the diagnosis and what accommodations are necessary.

In many cases, students may request academic accommodations such as extra time on exams. In these situations, the University would expect an educational assessment similar to what is required to document a learning disorder. Other students find that they do not need any classroom accommodations at all, but would benefit from a housing accommodation. In these situations, a letter from a physician or therapist who knows the student well might adequately document the requested accommodation.

If you are a student who is on the spectrum and you have been admitted to USC, you are invited to contact DSP to discuss the types of accommodations that might be appropriate for you, as well as the documentation necessary to support the accommodations.

All documentation is confidential and should be submitted to:

Disability Services and Programs
University of Southern California
3601 Watt Way, GFS 120
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1692
(213) 740-0776
(213) 740-8216 Fax