Documentation Guidelines

The basis for determining appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aids and services for students is provided by clinical documentation that is complete and timely. Students may request accommodations to curricular or co-curricular programs and services, modifications to USC policies and practices, or accommodations to the built environment.  To make such a request, students must register with DSP and submit documentation prepared by a qualified evaluator that substantiates and identifies the disability, states the functional limitations that are a result of the disability and demonstrates the need for accommodations. DSP conducts an individualized assessment of the documentation submitted by a student, and in consult with the student, determines reasonable accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and services.

For documentation guidelines, please see the following pages:

Documentation of a student’s disability is not part of the student’s academic record. All information related to a disability is treated as confidential and may be disclosed only with the student’s written consent or to those with a genuine “need to know,” consistent with USC’s policy and federal laws.