Request for DSP Review

In DSP, USC has designated specialized resources to help address student concerns related to failure to accommodate or concerns about limited accessibility.  These designated professionals make use of interactive and individualized review and problem-solving processes to help address student concerns of this nature.  A Request for DSP Review is frequently used when a student believes they need help communicating with a faculty member, or if the student does not wish to file a formal complaint with OED.

Who Can I Contact About My Concerns?


  1. You may request guidance or assistance from Disability Services & Programs at any time. While DSP staff do not serve as advocates for individual students, the staff does often mediate situations of concern related to accommodations within campus settings, including classrooms, and actions/inactions by faculty or staff. Contacting your DSP Specialist is a great place to start.  If your Specialist cannot resolve the matter, they will escalate it to the Director of DSP, Lisa Toft.
  2. You may choose to try to resolve an academic matter by speaking directly with the appropriate faculty or staff member.
  3. If you believe you have not received adequate support by speaking with your DSP Specialist, you may choose to speak with the University’s ADA/504 Coordinator, Christine Street, by contacting her via email at and requesting an appointment.
  4. If you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you have the right to initiate a formal investigation or complaint based on discrimination or harassment, through USC’s Office of Equity and Diversity (OED). OED is the only investigatory body at USC that is charged with addressing concerns of discrimination.  Students may contact OED at any time.More information can be found on OED’s website:


Contact Information

Disability Services & Programs (DSP)

3601 Watt Way, GFS 120



ADA/504 Coordinator

Christine Street



Office of Equity & Diversity (OED)

UPC campus: (213) 740-5086
HSC campus: (323) 442-2020