Reconsideration, Review, and Grievance Procedure

The University of Southern California is committed to full compliance with laws protecting individuals with disabilities.  Students are encouraged to raise concerns and seek resolution if they believe they have not been properly accommodated or provided Auxiliary Aids and Services (AAS), or if they believe they have experienced discriminatory behavior based on their disability status.

What are my options for raising concerns?


  1. If you disagree with a DSP decision or process, you have the right to ask DSP to reconsider by submitting a Request for Reconsideration. This is an interactive process between the student and DSP professionals to gather and evaluate additional relevant information related to your concern. Please note that mere disagreement with a DSP decision is unlikely to result in a different decision.

    More details about this process can be found by clicking on the Request for Reconsideration page.

  2. If you have concerns about difficulties using your accommodations due to the actions or inactions of any member of the University (i.e. DSP, faculty/TAs/Instructors, academic departments, or other campus offices or staff), you may submit an informal Request for DSP Review. This is an informal, interactive process between you (the student), DSP, and other appropriate individuals, such as faculty, faculty leadership (such as a dean or department chair), or USC’s ADA/504 Coordinator. This process is not investigatory and does not result in a finding of discrimination; rather, this process is intended to assist students in communicating and clarifying expectations with academic and other professionals regarding the provision of accommodations or AAS.  A Request for DSP Review is frequently used when a student believes they need help communicating with a faculty member, or if the student does not wish to file a formal complaint with OED.

    More details about this process can be found by clicking on the Request for DSP Review page.

  3. If you believe you have experienced discrimination or harassment, you have the right to initiate a formal investigation or complaint based on discrimination or harassment, through USC’s Office of Equity and Diversity (OED). OED is the only investigatory body at USC that is charged with addressing concerns of discrimination.  Students may contact OED at any time.

    More information can be found on OED’s website:

What Can I Expect?

For either Requests for Reconsideration or Requests for DSP Review, you can expect an interactive review process, involving you (the student), DSP, and any other relevant individuals (i.e. faculty, advisors, academic department, etc).  While your privacy is protected as much as possible, this is not always an anonymous process.

The outcome of the Request for Reconsideration and Requests for DSP Review will be communicated directly and in writing to you (the student), in a timely fashion by DSP. The length of time involved will depend on the complexity of the circumstances, as well as the number of parties involved; however, typical requests are resolved in approximately fourteen days. For more complex requests, students will be updated on a reasonable basis.

Students who file a complaint with the Office of Equity and Diversity should contact that office to learn more about what to expect.


More information can be found on OED’s website: