When to Register

Enrolled USC students may register with DSP at any time. We encourage current and incoming students to connect with our office well before the start of a term so that any accommodations or services through our office can be in place as early in the term as possible.

For incoming students who are new to USC, we welcome you to begin your process to fully connect with DSP as soon as you have formally confirmed your commitment to attend USC. For students who are still in exploratory stages, we are happy to schedule an informational meeting with you.

How to Register

We offer an interactive registration process that includes on-line components, as well as in-person components. The information below will guide you through the key steps.

If you have any questions related to this process or the MyDSP system, please visit us in person (GFS 120), or call the office (213-740-0776). Appointments are preferable, but we will do our best to support you with drop-in visits as quickly as we can.

We look forward to meeting you!

Special Note for Students Requesting External Work Placement Accommodations

The process for requesting EWP accommodations mimics the general accommodation process and can be completed at the same time as your request for other academic accommodations. Please know that EWP accommodations are often complex in nature and may require specific documentation that directly relates to the EWP accommodation request. As part of your review, the DSP Specialist will collaborate with your department of study to determine specific requirements, including technical standards and essential requirements, as needed. You are encouraged to request your own copy the technical standards and essential requirements for your program directly from your academic department.

What are my action steps?

1. Begin by telling us about you. Please complete the Online Student Application. Help us get to know you by answering each field as thoroughly as possibly.

2. Provide documentation. After you click the Submit Application button, you will be directed to a second screen where you will be invited to upload any supporting disability-related documentation.
Please note: Typically, your file will be held in a “pending” status until we receive your documentation.

If you are not able to upload documentation at that time, you may provide it another time by any of the following means:

  • Upload on-line. Re-access your on-line application, specifically the documentation upload page.
  • Email your DSP Specialist with your documentation.
  • Contact our front desk via email or in person. Our front desk staff will be happy to help upload any documentation to your profile. (Contact info: DSPFrontDesk@usc.edu / 213-740-0776 / 120 GFS)

3. Meet with your DSP Specialist. We like to make sure we have a full picture of you and your experiences as a student. Your DSP Specialist will generally reach out as part of this connection process, and schedule a time to meet with you in-person or via phone or virtual/video meeting.

What happens next?

  • The DSP team reviews your request. Once your profile is complete, and ready for review, your Specialist will present it at a team Documentation Review meeting for discussion and decisions. We meet regularly to make sure student requests move forward as quickly as possible. This process generally takes about 2 weeks.  However, some requests may take longer depending on several factors, including the complexity of and/or timing of your request.
  • Your DSP Specialist contacts you. If the Review Team has any additional questions related to your request, your Specialist will contact you to follow-up and gather additional clarifying information. Also, once the team’s review of your file is completed, your assigned DSP Specialist will contact you, typically by email, to let you know the outcome of the review, and any action items for you to take.
  • MyDSP is updated. Your DSP Specialist will update your MyDSP profile to reflect your approved accommodations. You will be able to review them, decide which accommodations to use in which of your classes, and generate your Accommodation Letters by logging-in to your MyDSP portal.
  • Create and distribute your Accommodation Letters. Once the registration process is complete, it is your (the student’s) responsibility to ensure your faculty are aware of your approved accommodations. The following section explains the steps for creating your Accommodation Letters through the MyDSP system.

You may request additional accommodations through MyDSP. After logging-in to the system, select the menu item called Additional Accommodation request, and follow the prompts.