New Exam Request Process for DSP – Proctored Exams

DSP has a new streamlined exam request process for DSP-Proctored Exams.  Previously you were asked to complete a DSP-Proctoring form (“Blue Sheet”).  You are now able to upload exams and exam instructions electronically through our new database called “MyDSP.”

Please note: for students whose only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time 1.5x (time-and-one-half), tests will continue to be proctored by course faculty/departments.

5 Easy Steps for Faculty to Follow:

You will receive one email for each student requesting accommodated testing with DSP. The email will come from with the following Subject Line: “[DSP] Exam Request (ACTION REQUIRED).”

However, because we anticipate exam instructions being the same for all students in your course you only need to complete one Exam Instruction Form per exam.  If there is an exception to this, please submit an Exam Instruction Form for the student receiving different directions.

  1. Please review the details of the email which reflects what the student has requested (i.e. exam date, start time, and standard length).
  2. Next, scroll down and click on the link. Please note, each link is student and course specific. The link will take you to “MyDSP” where you will see an “Upload Exam” icon and an “Exam Instruction” icon.
  3. Click on the “Exam Instruction” icon and complete the “Additional Exam Instructions” section.  After you have answered each of the questions, click on “Submit Exam Instruction.”  Once you have submitted the exam instructions, you will see a “System Update is Successful” notification.
  4. On the same page, you can upload the exam by clicking on the “Upload Exam” icon.
    • If there is only one version of the exam, please upload the file and we will distribute it to all students taking this test.  If there are multiple versions of the test being used, you may upload all versions to one student’s exam request. Please provide guidance on how you would like us to distribute them among the students taking the test.
  5. After you have completed the “File Information” section and have attached the exam(s), click on “Upload Exam.”
    • Once you have successfully uploaded the file(s) you will see an “Exam Upload was Successful” notification.


*If you have any questions or need assistance completing an Exam Instruction Form and/or Uploading an Exam, please contact us at 213-821-9620 or