The University currently employs two main approaches to providing testing-related accommodations for students registered with DSP. The approach depends on which testing-related accommodation(s) the student is approved for by DSP. The deciding criteria are: (1) students whose only DSP-approved testing accommodation is 1.5 extended time (time-and-one-half) AND/OR Accessible Format of Quizzes, Tests, and Exams, and (2) students approved for 1.5 extended time PLUS additional testing accommodations OR students approved for 2.0 extended time (double time) with or without other testing accommodations. DSP is pleased to partner with faculty and other academic contacts to help ensure accommodations are fully provided via the appropriate approach.

Testing with Faculty and Departments

In accordance with practice defined by the Provost’s Office, faculty and/or academic departments are responsible for proctoring quizzes, tests and exams for any student approved by DSP for 1.5 extended time and/or Accessible Format for quizzes, tests and exams as their only testing-related accommodations.

Students are responsible for providing each faculty member/instructor a copy of their DSP-issued Accommodation Letter as early in the semester as possible.  Further, students are asked to make arrangements with their faculty member(s) at least one week in advance of the examination date to allow for logistical and proctoring arrangements to be made.

While the test setting for these students should mirror the testing environment in class (i.e. generally limited distraction; uninterrupted testing time, if at all possible), the actual accommodation being supported in this scenario is the extended time. Student requests for any additional accommodation(s) for their test must be supported by their Accommodation Letter. If the additional testing-related accommodations include more than extended time and/or accessible materials, the student would be qualified to test at the DSP Testing Center.

At times, a student who is approved for multiple testing accommodations, and therefore is qualified to test at the Testing Center, may choose to test with the class. In this case, the student is choosing to not make use of the additional accommodations for the particular exam.

Testing at the DSP Testing Center

For students whose approved testing accommodations are: 1.5 extended time (time-and-one-half) PLUS additional testing accommodations, OR are approved for Double Time – 2.0x (or other extended test times) with or without additional testing accommodations, DSP will proctor the student’s examinations at the DSP Testing Center (SSL 301).

Any request to test at the Testing Center is processed via the MyDSP database, and issues automatic communications to the instructor of record for the course. Faculty will be notified of the information submitted by the student, including date and time the student is scheduling the exam. DSP reserves the space at the date and time requested; however, the request is considered “pending” until we receive confirmation of approval from the instructor. (Please note: database email communications may present a sense that DSP is approving the requests prior to faculty review; however, our actual practice is to only hold the space, pending final faculty approval.)

Students are expected to schedule their tests/exams at DSP at the same day and time the class is scheduled to take the test. Exceptions should be made when a student’s testing accommodations (i.e. extended time) would cause the student to miss another class. Adjustments should align as closely to the original test day and time as possible. Any alternative test schedule must be approved by the course instructor. 

Students’ personal preference, work schedules, travel schedules, or other personal circumstances are not viewed as disability-related reasons for which DSP would support an adjustment to the test schedule.  Adjustments of this nature will be directed to the instructor to negotiate directly with the student, and notify DSP of the approved outcome.

Test Materials and Instructions

We rely on our faculty/instructing partners to provide test instructions, approved resources for the test, and also the actual test materials. Our staff is preparing and administering tests for many students in many courses each day. To help ensure we are able to best represent you in our administration of your course test, we ask that you please complete the requested Exam Information Form (“how to” steps are listed below), as well as the exam itself and submit to DSP at least 2 business days in advance of the exam.

Test Security and Academic Integrity

DSP employs multiple means of ensuring security of exams (i.e. the MyDSP database is a protected system, accessible only by DSP staff; exams are stored in locked file cabinets, etc), and protecting Academic Integrity (e.g. video surveillance, in-person monitoring, etc). Any exceptional circumstances that may occur during a test will be documented for you.  DSP is happy to collaborate with any instructor to address questions and appropriate next steps, in light of the nature of the exceptionality.

Faculty Process for DSP-administered Exams

DSP uses a streamlined exam request process for DSP-proctored exams. Faculty can upload exams and exam instructions electronically through our database called MyDSP.

3 Easy Steps for Faculty to Follow

You will receive one email for each student requesting accommodated testing with DSP. The email will come from with the following Subject Line: “[DSP] Exam Request (ACTION REQUIRED).”

However, because we anticipate exam instructions being the same for all students in your course you only need to complete one Exam Instruction Form per exam.  If there is an exception to this, please submit an Exam Instruction Form for the student receiving different directions.

  • STEP 1: Review the exam details of the email and click on the link.
    • (Note: the details provided in this email reflect information submitted by the student. DSP considers these details “pending” until approved by the instructor.)
  • STEP 2: Click on the “Exam Instruction” icon and complete the brief Exam Instruction form. Click  “Submit Exam Instruction” after which  you will see a “System Update is Successful” notification.
  • STEP 3: Click on the “Upload Exam” icon to upload the exam. Please note that you can upload multiple documents. After you have completed the “File Information” section and have attached the exam(s), click on “Upload Exam.” Once you have successfully uploaded the file(s) you will see an “Exam Upload was Successful” notification.  
    • If there is only one version of the exam, please upload the file and we will distribute it to all students taking this test. If there are multiple versions of the test being used, you may upload all versions to one student’s exam request. Please provide guidance on how you would like us to distribute them among the students taking the test.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing an Exam Instruction Form and/or Uploading an Exam, please contact the DSP Testing Center Staff at 213-821-9620 or

The DSP Testing Center

The DSP Testing Center is part of the Disability Services and Programs Department. However, it is housed in a satellite location just a few minutes away from the DSP office in the Science and Engineering Library (SSL). The Testing Center is located on the 3rd floor, Room 301.  (It is accessible by elevator or stairs, and a power assist door can be found at the buildings south entrance.)

The DSP Testing Center offers dedicated testing space and services for DSP students who are approved for certain test-related accommodations which have typically been proctored by the DSP office.

Please note: the main DSP office at 120 GFS does not administer exams. Please be sure to visit the DSP Testing Center for any testing-related business.

DSP Testing Center Location


Science and Engineering Library (SSL)
Also known as Seaver Science Center
3rd Floor, Suite 301
910 Bloom Walk, SSL 301
Science and Engineering Library
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Main Phone Number & Email
General Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am -5:00 pm
(Exams begin at 9:00 am)

Center hours are extended during final exam periods