Students who plan to use their testing accommodations for quizzes, tests or exams, should make arrangements:

  • Directly with Faculty if your class will NOT be monitored by your instructor(s) during the exam.
  • Directly with DSP if your class will be monitored during the exam AND your instructor(s) are not able to monitor your exam due to accommodations.
  • Directly with DSP if you plan to use your approved accommodations that include a reader, scribe, text-to-speech, speech-to-text. These accommodations are only provided through DSP.

Submit Requests

Please submit requests for DSP – proctored testing directly through MyDSP at least one week in advance to guarantee your testing needs can be met. If an exam request is submitted with less than 1 week notice, we will make every effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee availability.

Please follow the steps below to submit a request to test at the DSP Testing Center.

Note: Students who are qualified to test at the Testing Center may at times choose to test with the class. In this case, the student is choosing to not make use of the additional accommodations for the particular exam. Rather, the assumption is that the student is opting for 1.5 extended time as their only testing-related accommodation.

How to Schedule an Exam with the DSP Testing Center

 For students whose accommodations allow them to test at the DSP Testing Center, please schedule your exams electronically through MyDSP. Please be sure to submit exam requests at least one week in advance. Requests submitted with less than 1 week notice are considered as time and space allow.

 Please note: in order to submit an exam request you must first generate and provide a copy of your accommodation letter to your Professor. For instructions on how to generate and print accommodation letters please go to: link

 To schedule an exam with the DSP Testing Center, please follow these 5 easy steps:

 Step 1: Log into your my MyDSP portal.

Step 2: From the “My Dashboard” page, click on “Accommodated Testing.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the class you would like to schedule an exam for.  Click on the “Schedule Exam” tab.

Step 4: On the “Exam Request” page, scroll down and complete the “Exam Detail” section.  After you have answered all of the questions, click on “Add Exam Request.”

Note: students are expected to schedule their tests/exams at DSP at the same day and time the class is scheduled to take the test. In general, exceptions are made in circumstances when a student’s testing accommodations (i.e. extended time) would cause the student to miss another class. Adjustments should align as closely to the original test day and time as possible. Any alternative test schedule must be approved by the course instructor.

Step 5: After submitting an exam request, you will see a “System Update is Successful” notification.

Final Exams

Final Exams periods are extremely busy at the Testing Center, and testing space reaches capacity quickly. Students are welcomed and encouraged to submit final exam requests to test at the DSP Testing Center as early in the term as possible, once final exam schedules are released. DSP establishes a priority deadline for submitting requests, generally 1 week before the start of finals. After this deadline, requests are processed as time and space allows, but students should know there is not a guarantee of their request being confirmed.

As with course tests and exams, students are expected to schedule their Final Exams during the same slot as their class is scheduled to take the final. Adjustments will be made when a student’s testing-related accommodations would otherwise cause them to overlap testing time with another final. Personal preference and/or travel plans are not viewed as disability-related reasons for altering testing time.  All adjustments to testing day and time must be approved by course instructors.

 You’ve Scheduled Your Exam, Now What?

  • You will receive a confirmation email indicating that the Testing Center has received your exam request.
  • You will receive a second email confirmation after the Testing Center has tentatively reserved the space and time you requested. This reservation is held pending approval from your instructor.
  • After you receive the second email, your Professor will automatically be notified and asked to approve the request, as well as to submit exam details and allowable materials.
  • Once we receive response from your instructor, your request is considered confirmed.

You can view any of your Upcoming Exam Requests by clicking on the “Accommodated Testing” tab in MyDSP.

The Day of Your Exam

  • Please check-in at the DSP Testing Center (address below), 15 minutes before your exam start time.
  • Please note that late arrival does not extend your accommodated testing time beyond the scheduled end time.
  • You will be given secured space (i.e. locker) to store your belongings. Only instructor-approved material or DSP approved (accommodation-related) materials will be allowed in the testing space with you.
  • You will be given a Check-in Checklist to review and complete. This document is part of a commitment to academic integrity on your part.
  • Any exceptional circumstances during your testing experience will be documented and provided to your instructor.

The DSP Testing Center

The DSP Testing Center is part of the Disability Services and Programs Department. However, it is housed in a satellite location just a few minutes away from the DSP office in the Science and Engineering Library (SSL). The Testing Center is located on the 3rd floor, Room 301.  (It is accessible by elevator or stairs, and a power assist door can be found at the buildings south entrance.)

The DSP Testing Center offers dedicated testing space and services for DSP students who are approved for certain test-related accommodations which have typically been proctored by the DSP office.

Please note, for students whose only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time - 1.5x (time-and-one-half) AND/OR Accessible Format of Quizzes, Tests, and Exams, your tests will continue to be proctored by your course faculty/departments.

Please note: the main DSP office at 120 GFS does not proctor exams. Be sure to check-in at the DSP Testing Center for your test(s).

DSP Testing Center Location


Science and Engineering Library (SSL)
Also known as Seaver Science Center
3rd Floor, Suite 301
910 Bloom Walk, SSL 301
Science and Engineering Library
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Main Phone Number & Email
General Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am -5:00 pm
(Exams begin at 9:00 am)

Center hours are extended during final exam periods