Notetaking Services

Occasionally, students may have disabilities that impact their ability to take a thorough recounting of the class lecture.  Notetake service requests are reviewed and approved by DSP on an individual, case-by-case basis through an interactive process between DSP and the student.  Eligibility for this accommodation is based on appropriate documentation of a disability as per the University’s documentation guidelines, and an evident link between the functional limitations of that disability and the need for note take services in a lecture setting for the purpose of equal access to the learning environment.

Approved services may come in the form of technology or peer note takers and, although preference is taken into consideration, the accommodation is determined based on functional limitations and equal access to content. Materials submitted via peer note takers do not take the place of one’s individual notes and are designed to be supplementary in nature. Generally, regular and consistent class attendance is still expected, consistent with individual course requirements.  All notes and/or recordings are for the student’s personal study use and are not to be shared with other individuals, unless the supplementary materials are provided to all class participants.  Quality of notes is not guaranteed and students receiving notes should inform the Notetake Specialist if they believe the quality of their notes is sub par for further review.

In some cases, notetaking may not be considered a reasonable accommodation based on the course design or environment such as labs, discussion based sections, quiz sections or if recording the course would fundamentally alter the nature of the course or course content.

In addition to approved accommodations, students may wish to improve their individual note taking skill sets by scheduling an appointment with the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity at