Accommodated Testing

Fall 2018 Final Exam Week Information:

  • Students seeking to use their accommodations at the Testing Center need to schedule their examinations by Wednesday, November 28th.  Examinations scheduled after November 28th will be reviewed and approved based on testing center availability.
  • Students with the accommodation of 1.5x should inform their instructors if they plan to use their accommodation on finals as early as possible; two (2) weeks in advance is preferable to allow faculty the opportunity to plan in advance of the exam date.
  • Plan to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled exam time at the testing center.  Remember that final exam week is busier than usual and checking in may take a few extra minutes.  *Late arrivals will not receive added time to their exam.

USC Final Exam Scheduling Conflicts (USC Schedule of Classes)

“Students should plan in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts in their final examinations. If a student is scheduled for two final examinations at the same time, the student should request to take one of the examinations on a different day or time. If a student is scheduled for more than two final examinations in one day, the student may request to take one of the exams on a different day or time. In either situation the student must contact the professors involved no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled examination date and request an accommodation. If an accommodation cannot be arranged, the student should contact USC Testing Services at  or (213) 740-7166 for assistance.”

Students with Extended Time 1.5x                         

For students whose only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time 1.5x (time-and-one-half), faculty/departments are responsible for proctoring the student’s examinations. Students should make arrangements with their faculty member(s) at least two weeks in advance of the examination date.

Students with Extended Time 2x, or Extended Time 1.5x PLUS additional testing accommodations

For students who are approved for Extended Time 1.5x (time-and-one-half) PLUS additional testing accommodations, or are approved for double time (or other extended test times) for examinations, DSP will proctor the student’s examinations at the Testing Center. Students should submit requests for DSP – proctored testing directly through MyDSP at least one week in advance.

How to Schedule an Exam with DSP

For students who test at the DSP Testing Center, you are now able to schedule your exams with us electronically through MyDSP.”

 Schedule an Exam in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Log into your my “MyDSP” using your USC Net ID and password.
  2. Once you are on the “My Dashboard” page, click on “Accommodated Testing.”
  3. From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the class you would like to schedule an exam for.  Then click on the “Schedule Exam” tab.
  4. Once you are on the “Exam Request” page, scroll down and complete the “Exam Detail” section.  After you have answered all of the questions, click on “Add Exam Request.”
  5. Once you have placed your exam request, you will see a “System Update is Successful” notification.

You will receive a confirmation email indicating that DSP has received your exam request.

You will receive a second email confirmation after the Testing Center has reviewed, scheduled, and confirmed your exam request.


You’ve Scheduled Your Exam, Now What?

  • After you submit your exam request, your Professor will be notified and asked to submit exam details and allowable materials.
  • For those of you familiar with “Blue Sheets,” we will no longer be using them. The Faculty process will now happen automatically through “My DSP.”
  • You can view your Upcoming Exam Requests by clicking on the “Accommodated Testing” tab.


The Day of Your Exam

Please check-in at SSL 301, 10-15 minutes before your exam start time at the Testing Center (SSL, Room 301). Please be aware, the DSP office in GFS 120 will no longer be proctoring exams. Be sure to come straight to the Testing Center for your accommodated testing.


DSP Testing Center

The DSP Testing Center offers dedicated testing space and services for DSP students who are approved for certain test-related accommodations which have typically been proctored by the DSP office.

Please note, for students whose only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time 1.5x (time-and-one-half), your tests will continue to be proctored by your course faculty/departments.

The DSP Testing Center is part of the Disability Services and Programs Department. However, it is housed in a satellite location just a few minutes away from the DSP office in the Science and Engineering Library (SSL).  The Testing Center is located on the 3rd floor, Room 301.  (It is accessible by elevator or stairs, and a power assist door can be found at the buildings south entrance.)

Testing Center Location:

Science and Engineering Library (SSL)

3rd Floor, Suite 301


910 Bloom Walk, SSL 301

 Science and Engineering Library

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Main Phone Number:


General Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am -5:00 pm

(exams begin at 9:00 am)