Students New to DSP

For students who are new to their connection to DSP, this is a great place to start. Get to know the key steps for beginning your relationship with our office, including how to seek accommodations and services, the University’s documentation guidelines, and some general keys to success.

Current DSP Students

For students who have established their relationship with DSP, this section of the website helps deepen your connection, and further your knowledge. It provides guidance on implementing accommodations, the role of your DSP Specialist, and information on our student organizations.


For all faculty and instructors, as well as academic staff, this section is a key resource for DSP information. You’ll find guidance on Roles, Rights & Responsibilities, guidance from your peers, information on accommodations and services, helpful How To’s, and support resources for your work with students with disabilities. Welcome!

Asher Baca, B.A., SSTC
Featured Staff Member

Asher Baca, B.A., SSTC

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