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Welcome to Disability Services and Programs (DSP)


Requesting New or Additional Accommodation Requests?

Please note the deadline to submit new/additional accommodation requests for this semester (Spring 2019) is this Wed April 10th. If you would like to discuss your requests, please ask to speak with your DSP specialist. Requests received after the deadline will be reviewed after finals and commencement starting Monday May 13th for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 semesters.

Requesting Accommodations for your Final Exams?

Extended Time 1.5 only:

Be sure to make arrangements with your professors at least 1 week in advance of finals starting, and before the last day of your classes. Please have arrangements made with your professors by Wednesday, April 24th for extended time testing proctored by your faculty or the department.

Extended Time 2.0x, or 1.5x + other approved testing-accommodations:

For students approved for testing accommodations proctored by DSP, please submit your testing requests through MyDSPby Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59pm (Pacific Standard Time). Testing space at the Center will be in high demand during finals. Submitting your requests on-time helps to ensure a smooth scheduling process. Requests submitted after the April 24th deadline will be considered as time and space allow. Students are strongly encouraged to start this process as soon as you are aware of your finals schedule. *If you have submitted a testing request but no longer need testing accommodations through DSP, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make your space available to another student.

*Plan to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled exam time at the testing center. Remember that final exam week is busier than usual and checking in may take a few extra minutes. *Late arrivals will not receive added time to their exam.

USC Final Exam Scheduling Conflicts: USC Schedule of Classes

Students should plan in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts in their final examinations. If a student is scheduled for two final examinations at the same time, the student should request to take one of the examinations on a different day or time. If a student is scheduled for more than two final examinations in one day, the student may request to take one of the exams on a different day or time. In either situation the student must contact the professors involved no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled examination date and request an accommodation. If an accommodation cannot be arranged, the student should contact USC Testing Services at or (213) 740-7166 for assistance.

New to DSP or requesting new accommodations?

For new students registering with DSP, create your profile at MyDSP. To learn how to register please visit

For returning students, log into your MyDSP account.

*Please remember to generate your letters and send them to your faculty and/or appropriate departmental contact. The system does not automatically send letters.

Notice for Accommodations on Placement Exams:

In order to receive accommodations at Orientation and for placement exams, students will need to register and request accommodations through DSP. This is also a great opportunity for students to set up their ongoing academic accommodations.

Please register well in advance of Orientation to allow time for follow-up. The review process can take up to two weeks and will require documentation according to the University’s guidelines.

To use any approved accommodations on Placement Exams, please email your DSP Primary Specialist the following information:

  • Exam Subject (Math, Foreign Language, etc)
  • Date & Time