Accommodation Agreement

By reading this Accommodation Agreement, students acknowledge that they understand the accommodations and how to access them.

Extra Time on Exams:

  • If my only exam accommodation is Extra Time on Exams (Time and a Half), I understand that my exams will be proctored through the academic unit and it is my responsibility to arrange testing accommodations with the faculty and/or academic department in a timely manner (at least two weeks prior to the exam).

Testing with DSP:

  • To schedule an exam at DSP, I must submit a completed “Request for Proctoring Services” form (also called a “Blue Sheet”) to DSP in person at least two weeks prior to the date of my exam. Requests for final exams must be turned in no later than two weeks prior to the first day of the Final Exam Period.
  • The “Request for Proctoring Services” form will not be accepted unless it is properly and completely filled out by myself and the academic unit and I will communicate with my Professor and/or TA to arrange how my exam will arrive and depart the DSP office.
  • DSP exam proctoring hours are from 9am to 5pm unless otherwise specified (during USC’s Final Exam Period, DSP exam proctoring hours are from 8am to 6pm). It is my responsibility to arrive early enough for me to receive my full scheduled time on exams. If I show up 15 minutes (or more) late for my exam after picking it up from my professor, I will need to get approval from my professor in order to start. If DSP already has my exam, I will be on the clock the moment my scheduled time begins.


  • I will make sure that the professor makes the announcement in class for a notetaker and understand it may take up to 2 weeks to set up a Notetaker once the professor has made the announcement.
  • If 2 weeks have passed since the announcement was made, and my notes are not available for download, I will contact the Notetaking staff at
  • The Notetaking Accommodation is meant to be a supplement to my own class notes, and not as a substitute for class attendance or taking notes myself.
  • Notetaking materials for classes I did not attend and for before I made a request may not be available to me.
  • It is my responsibility to check to see that notes are being uploaded in a timely manner by the note-taker and if not, to contact the Notetaking staff immediately.

E-text and Text-to-Speech Software:

  • For E-Text inquiries, I will contact Albert Mangagil for the link to request my E-Text and provide proof of purchase.
  • For all Text-to-Speech software inquiries, I will contact Albert Mangagil.

I understand that DSP students are prohibited from selling, distributing, transcribing, or disseminating materials including physical notes, audio and video recording, passwords or logins to the DSP website to other students including other DSP students. Such practices may subject me to disciplinary action resulting in the loss of access to Notetaking materials, and my case may be forwarded to the Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards office.