Returning Users

If your documentation is currently valid, your request for your previously approved accommodations will be automatically approved.

You may update your profile and renew your request by following these instructions:

  1. Go to DSP Student Registration
  2. Update your profile by clicking “Update Personal Information” on upper right-hand corner (be sure to fill in ‘State’ and ‘Class Type’), and click “Update Personal Information” on bottom of page.
  3. Go to the “Main Menu” and click “Place New Request
    1. Select current term
    2. Check off all accommodations you would like to request for this term (previous and/or new). Note: If you were previously approved for extra time on exams, make sure to check off ‘Extra Time for Exams’ so that it shows two check marks
    3. Click “Submit Request”
  4. To access your accommodation letters, click “Print Letter
  5. Confirm” your class schedule (the system may not yet reflect your most current schedule)
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Disclaimer page
  7. Click “Print Accommodation letter” or “Print Note taker Letter” to open the appropriate letter. You may print each letter, or save them on your computer and send it to your professor(s) as an attachment. As always, you are welcome to stop by our office to print your letters.

If you are not approved or encounter any problems, please contact our office for assistance