1. Create an online DSP Profile here (you will log in via shibboleth)
  2. Place new accommodation request for current term. See our Accommodation List; or, if you would like to discuss what accommodations to request, feel free to contact a DSP Graduate Advisor.
  3. Submit documentation verifying your disability per our Documentation Guidelines via email (, fax (213-740-8216), postal mail (see address on contact us page), or in-person (GFS 120). Don’t have documentation? Ask about your options or for a copy of our referral list.

Your file will now be placed in review. Please note this process can take up to 2 weeks. DSP Staff will contact you via e-mail to update you on the status of your accommodation request.

When approved, you will be asked to come in to meet with a DSP Graduate Advisor to review and sign an accommodation agreement (and note-taking agreement, if applicable). Students in online programs or satellite campuses can have the agreement e-mailed to them.

Student Registration Checklist (PDF)