Notetake Assistance

Notetaking assistance can be requested by students registered with Disability Services and Programs (DSP). Students approved for this accommodation will receive notes from a volunteer student notetaker already associated with the course. When a note-taker cannot be found, students eligible for this accommodation should contact DSP to discuss interim alternative solutions for note take.

Typical note take accommodations may include:


    • Use of note-taking technology
      • Students may place an accommodation request for the ability to record the lecture
      • Sonocent: An interactive note taking system that allows recording in audio bars with the ability to upload a PowerPoint (if available) and add typed notes. Approved students will be provided a license through DSP.
      • SmartPen
        • Students approved for notetaking assistance may borrow a SmartPen through DSP on a semester basis. Students also have the option to purchase their own SmartPen here.
      • Peer Notetaker
        • Students will receive supplemental notes for their classes.  Supplemental notes are not in lieu of  a student’s own notes. *Please note that this accommodation may take time to put in place as we collaborate with volunteer notetakers.

Additional Note Take Resources:

Please feel free to contact DSP at with any questions.