Supplemental Note-taking Options

The use of an in-class supplemental student note-taker is an accommodation that can be requested by students registered with Disability Services and Programs (DSP). Students approved for this accommodation ideally receive notes from a professor, teaching assistant, or student already associated with the course. When a note-taker cannot be found, then students eligible for this accommodation should contact their instructor or department to discuss possible alternatives. Students in the Law School should contact the department regarding all accommodation needs.

  1. Independent Strategies:
    Students are encouraged to first explore independent note-taking strategies and resources

    1. Note-Taking Applications
      1. Sonocent
      2. Evernote
      3. Notability
      4. NoteEverything
      5. OneNote
    2. Recording the Lecture
      1. Students can place an accommodation request for the ability to record the lecture so that the lecture can be listened to for future reference and notes.
    3. SmartPen
      1. Students can borrow a SmartPen through our office (limited availability). Or, the SmartPen can be purchased here.
    4. Peers
      1. Student can collaborate with their peers to see if there is an individual whom they trust and can share notes.
  2. If the above options have been thoroughly explored and have not been useful, the next option is to consult with your professors to see if they can provide their own notes or a TA’s notes as a supplement to your own notes.
  3. If the Option A and Option B have been exhausted, then the student may discuss with the professor and request that an announcement be made in the course for a supplemental note-taker.

If you are having any difficulties with the steps/options above, please feel free to contact DSP at or (213) 821-6709