Job Opportunities

Student positions within Disability Services and Programs:

  • Disability Services Counselor (Graduate Students only)
  • Exam Assistant
  • Exam Scribe
  • Exam Proctor
  • Assistive Technology Coordinator

Please contact our office in person at GFS 120 or by phone at (213) 740-0776 for the latest information on available student positions within our office.


College Mental Health and Disability Services

The University of Southern California (USC) Student Counseling Services and Disability Services and Programs offer a collaborative training program for qualified postdoctoral interns in psychology. The postdoctoral fellowship is a one-year full-time (11 months) position beginning August 1st and ending June 30th each year. Both the Student Counseling Center and Disability Services and Programs at USC provide postdoctoral fellows advanced training in College Mental Health and Disability Services.

As a postdoctoral training program our primary goal and purpose is to provide opportunities, structure and support that will help develop highly ethical, culturally sensitive and clinically competent postdoctoral fellows as they prepare for licensure and for an entry-level psychologist position. For more information concerning application for this APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) member program go to

For more information concerning USC’s Student Counseling Services go to: